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Herkules formationsflyvning - Flyvevåbnets Fototjeneste Nord
M113 i Irak


June 19-22: Maritime Industry Innovation Camp

Visits to German maritime contractors and research institutions.


FAD and Folk & Sikkerhed are arranging a network for security policy professionals


9-11 April: Sea, Air & Space

Knud Rasmussen class vessel to Sea, Air & Space in Washington D.C. Participation from Danish SOD.


12/6/2017 News & Press

Oslo Airport to operate solid state only radars from Terma 

With the already installed SCANTER radar system, Oslo Gardermoen Airport will operate three of the new generation Solid State SCANTER 5502 Surface Movement Radar from Terma


11/27/2017 News & Press

IFAD TS releases a comprehensive Instructor, FDC and CGF solution 

IFAD is proud to announce the release of F-INSTR for sale and use by our customers


11/23/2017 News & Press

SIMA Innovation wins tender 

The Danish Defense has completed a tender for turret solutions for the Danish vehicles


11/22/2017 News & Press

Niels Buus - CEO of the year 

The organisation "Lederne" has elected Niels Buus, GomSpace, CEO of the year.


11/21/2017 News & Press

Denmark's next major space project prepared for launch 

The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM), is on its way to the U.S. to be prepared for launch from Kennedy Space Center to the International Space Station

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