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Continued growth in Terma

With an order backlog at 2,374 MDKK, Terma has a comfortable base for business developments in the coming years
“In all Business Areas, we have again this year seen a positive development, which has ensured a good result for Terma. We continue the high investment level in development of key technologies and new products. Combined with our targeted market strategy, this has secured a solid foundation for the coming years’ global sale of high-tech solutions in the aerospace and defense industry,” says Terma’s CEO Jens Maaløe, and continues: 

"The revenue to international customers constitutes 94% of our total revenue. In the past year, we have witnessed an increase in sales to customers in Asia as well as the Middle East and North Africa, while maintaining a solid foothold in North America and Europe.” 

In the fall 2017, Terma opened a new innovation center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Terma has a close collaboration with the U.S. Air Force on self-protection equipment, based at the U.S. Air Force base in Warner Robins south of Atlanta. With the establishment of Terma Innovation Center in Atlanta, this collaboration is further strengthened in concert with the establishment of a collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology. 

"This is implemented to meet our recruiting requirements for highly skilled employees with a technical background which is crucial for our continued growth and development,” says Jens Maaløe. 

With significant orders from the Belgian and the Dutch air forces and a framework agreement with U.S. Air National Guard/U.S. Air Force Reserve for 3D-Audio/Active Noise Reduction, Terma experienced an international breakthrough at the turn of the year 2017/18 for this special audio technology which warns pilots of incoming threats and reduces the noise considerably in cockpits. Additional orders are in the pipeline in the coming years. 

With ASIM (Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor), Terma and DTU Space positioned Denmark in the international space and climate research arena. Terma holds the overall management and technical responsibility for the observatory which is now installed on the International Space Station, from where it will monitor giant lightning which is meant to affect the climate on Earth. 

Key figures

  • Order backlog, year-end: 2.37 DKK billion
  • Revenue: 1.8 DKK billion
  • 94% of the revenue is generated by international customers
  • Earnings: 124 MDKK before tax and special items
  • Net increase of 120 new employees

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