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4550 Asnæs

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FLUX is a step ahead on 
development of inductive components  

Being a designer and manufacturer of coils, transformers and power products 
it is important to see the needs of the industry before anyone else

The first product in the Flux line was made in 1980 by the founder, Niels Overgaard Christensen, in Asnæs an hour's drive outside Copenhagen. Just like 38 years later, the products were transformers designed for the electronics industry, a passion of the electronic engineer. Today Flux employs 285 people, 60 of them in Asnæs and the product line is very clear:

- We only make high reliability products in medium and small volumes and only for customers who need the highest quality components resilient to the harshest operational environments. Everything with the Flux name is custom designed and custom manufactured to specific order, Business Director Lars Gregersen explains. 

Customers, who are demanding the products of Flux are often to be found in the space and defense business but other industries are also buying in Asnæs where 60 pct. of the products are for exports.  

Production abroad
In 1994 Flux established a production facility in Bangkok, Thailand, and according to Mr. Gregersen the reason was quite simple: Global competition driving prices down and making more cost effective production necessary in order to maintain the market share of Flux. During the first ten years the Thai facility was co-managed by a local partner company but heavy growth in the Flux part led to the Danish company building its own factory in 2004, now employing more than 200 people.

- Our facility in Thailand, just like the one in Asnæs, is certified in both administrative and procedural activities and covers all our activities including environment and work force protection. This is crucial to Flux because it is the only way that we can meet our own and our customer's expectations of the highest standards in the industry, Lars Gregersen says.  

A step ahead
In the business of power transformers and supply units a key element is to design products with the smallest possible amount of energy loss. To Flux this is an ongoing task driven by an electronic industry constantly developing smaller, lighter and cheaper products. Flux is working hard to keep competition behind and sometimes the Danish company is even a step ahead of its customers:

- An important part of our business model is to identify improvements that our customers are not yet asking for. An example is the Planar transformers we presented to ESA. The European Space Administration liked our idea and established a development program. Today that transformer is used in a wide range of ESA missions, according to Flux' Business Director.

Mr. Gregersen adds that to Flux the space industry in general is a potential growth market: - Space equipment is still hand-made but in Flux we believe that there is a huge potential for automation in the industry and we are working hard to develop components for such processes.  

And hard work pays off: For the past three years Flux has grown 20 pct. in the space market and is one of the world's leading suppliers of inductive components in orbit.

New owners
In November 2015 the founder of Flux, Niels Overgaard Christensen, stepped down after 35 years of dedication and innovation. The company was sold to British Acal Plc. (now discoverIE plc.); a long time partner and supplier. Flux is now part of a global network of companies delivering advanced systems within power & magnetics as well as other businesses.  

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