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DENEX Tuenvej 120, Elling
9900 Frederikshavn

Tel. : +45 9621 3400


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Denex is supply guarantee for 340 years  

Innovation and knowhow enables Life Cycle Management and optimizes logistics, storage and costs minimizing for the clients  

Founded in 1676 Denex is by miles the oldest defense company in Denmark. Back in those days all the European states developed and manufactured their own ammunition since wars erupted out of the blue turning friends into foes and making every states own supply of defense equipment absolutely crucial. Denex CEO Peter Houlberg explains that the Danish King Christian V founded his ammunition factory in Copenhagen but eventually it had to relocate: 

- For security reasons the factory couldn't stay right in the center of an urban area with a million people in close proximity to the Baltic Sea and the Russian navy. Hence, the factory was relocated in 1968 to originally two places in rural Denmark, but in the end, the entire facility ended up here in Frederikshavn in the northernmost parts of Denmark.   

Export is driving growth
For centuries Denex only customer was the Danish armed forces - in other words the owner. Denmark was involved in numerous conflicts and in modern times not at least the international coalitions in Iraq and Afghanistan called for a continuous and reliable supply of ammunition. Today Denex market focus has changed and export is now driving growth through sales to countries around the world. Mr. Houlberg elaborates: 

- The Danish Army’s need for ammunition has decreased dramatically over the past years and if Denex was to stay in business we had to look for other customers.  Denex CEO is adding that the big defense markets in Europe is still a challenge though:  - The big countries are only buying from own national suppliers.   

Life cycle management
Manufacturing ammunition is not only a matter of supplying the forces but also taking care of what is left behind. Ever since the 1970’s Denex has refined that business area and in 2016 half of the sales are coming from life cycle management. Denex ensure that the destruction of old ammunition is carried out according to Danish and international environmental legislation, according to the CEO: 

- We follow our R3 program Reuse, Recycle and Recover, when we separate and destroy old ammunition. One example is the reprocessing of explosives for future use in the civil industry e.g. mining. Our life cycle management program also includes lifetime evaluation and upgrade of ammunition. Currently Denex are working on orders where pyrotechnical parts are change in the ammunition to extend the lifetime, instead of just destroying the ammunition.

The Spanish connection
In 2008 the Danish government decided to sell the ammunition factory in Frederikshavn, until then called “The Army’s Ammunition Arsenal”, to the Spanish Maxam Group. The name was changed to Denex and the employees in Denmark got 6.400 new colleges in 45 countries all over the world. 

- Denex have launched the development of several new products since 2008 and we continue to optimize the product portfolio in order to support the Danish forces and allies in the future, Mr. Peter Houlberg states.   

In 2017 Denex won a big open tender on providing the Danish Armed Forces with ammunition for at least four years with an option to extend the supply for another three years. The contract is a vital part of Denex near future activities. Denex is working to double the production capacity and the aim is to have a two percent world marked share within the next five years. 


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