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Dantherm learn by joining the troops

The worlds leading supplier of mobile cooling and heating systems are developing new products on wishes of soldiers


When Manager - Mobile Heating & Cooling Lars Brodersen of Dantherm packs his suitcases, his destinations are different from most other international sales executives: - As a supplier of military cooling and heating systems it is crucial for Dantherm to have a firsthand user experience when developing our products and the only way to get that is to be there our selves, Mr. Brodersen explains.

Now and then Dantherm’s military sales executive therefor joins Danish and foreign troops around the world from Africa to the Helmand Province in Afghanistan gaining important knowledge from the day to day users of Dantherm’s products.  

A fraction of the energy
The first Dantherm heater was developed in 1958 in an abandoned refugee camp from WW2 and it was based on the same principal technology as the heaters of today: A unit which heats a room directly with the aid of warm air instead of indirectly by means of a heat medium e.g. water.

- The biggest difference from a 1958 heater and a modern one is, that we now use a fraction of the energy to produce the same amount of hot or cool air, Mr. Brodersen says and adds an example that paints a perfect picture: - In camp Bastion it was reported that the fuel consumption was a burden on operation budgets and that 80% of the energy consumption was spent on air conditioning. From a test camp is was proven that Dantherm cooling systems could save 20% of the energy resulting in huge budget savings.

The Brits showed the way
Dantherm’s military business originates from 1984 when the Norwegian army asked the Danish company for a mobile heater solution compliant to military standards. Since then several products have followed, one of them mobile cooling systems, a demand that more or less showed up out of the blue.

- When the UK got involved in Iraq the need for cooling systems were eminent from the beginning in a climate in which temperatures can reach more than 50 degrees Celsius, Lars Brodersen says. - We had supplied the British troops with heating systems for many years so they came to us and asked for the opposite and in many ways our experiences since then have been driving our military business.

Virtual products
Today Dantherm is supplying troops with a variety of products. Cooling for armored vehicles or aircrafts, CBRN protection, Clean Rooms for sensitive electronics; all products designed for the roughest of climate and to operate in the range from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius. 98 percent is sold abroad and among customers are MoD’s, Contractors, OEM’s and humanitarian organizations. In the coming years new products will arrive according to Lars Brodersen:

- Dantherm will continue to develop even more energy efficient and reliable solutions of course, but our company will also introduce new solutions. Among them are a virtual products - from which customers can order specially designed products that does not exist physically yet. Also, Dantherm see a big potential in developing heating and cooling solutions that can communicate via build in dedicated communications systems.  

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