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We have a ton of aluminum in orbit

AlmexA is a high-tech machine shop i Odense and quite a player in the space industry

A common reason for people to found companies is that they are already employed in the business and wonder why they are doing this for someone else instead of running their own company? Roar Jensen, founder and CEO of AlmexA, is no exception.

- I founded AlmexA in 1999 and in the early days we were a traditional machine shop that were supplying whatever the customers asked for and in almost whatever metal they wished. But only five years later I got a partner who originated from the aluminum industry and since then, AlmexA has been entirely focused on manufacturing parts in this material.  

Batteries paved the road
In 2005 AlmexA was contacted by a local company looking for a supplier of aluminum battery cases, since his current supplier was not able to meet the requirements. The end user was a Swedish defense company and ever since Roar Jensen and his company has been supplying the cases for the defense contractor. Roar Jensen explains:

- Entering the defense market gave our company a boost, not only in terms of size but also regarding technology and knowledge since the defense market really requires you to step up in many fields. The order paved the road to other customers and soon after AlmexA also became a supplier to the space industry.  

AlmexA in space
For more than a decade AlmexA has designed and manufactured parts to the space industry, the vast majority to a local space company. All in all the company have made almost a ton of aluminum parts that are now in orbit on ISS, the International Space Station. Alongside becoming a space supplier AlmexA has also found its place in the aerospace industry and are now supplying the largest manufactures in both the military and civil aerospace industry around the world.  

The future is digital
In Roar Jensen’s mind there is no doubt that aerospace and space are market segments that will continue to grow for many years ahead and at AlmexA they are preparing for the future:

-  Or next step in optimizing our design and production is really a quantum leap. Within the near future AlmexA will have a full digitalized production and probably also an AS9100 certification. That will give us direct access to the supply chains of the big OEM’s and lift this company to a new level, Roar Jensen finishes.  

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