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AnyBody Technology


AnyBody Technology
provides software and consulting services for musculoskeletal analysis of daily activities. A validated full-body model with an unprecedented level of detail efficiently computes in-vivo kinematics and dynamic individual muscle and joint forces and many other properties of the musculoskeletal system. The body model is scalable and open allowing users to perform an automated optimized model fit to the subject to achieve maximum accuracy. Areas of work include:

Innovate towards better mobility and endurance
The AnyBody technology helps you create equipment and work environments that optimally tradeoff human endurance, performance and comfort. Our products and services help you builder better crew and combat vehicles, safer protective equipment and improve mobility and efficiency of personnel.

Maximum performance and comfort onboard
The Anybody technology enables you to design work environments that are optimal for human biomechanical performance, with minimal investment of your company's resources. This helps you unlock vast improvements in the efficiency, performance and comfort of flight crews and passengers alike.

Assistive devices
Target better man-machine synergy
The AnyBody technology enables you to create wearable assistive devices, robots and exoskeletons that are safe, comfortable, and reliably meet their biomechanical expectations. Be you a designer, tester or purchaser of such devices, our products and services can help you make the right choices, labour and cost effectively.

Boost productivity with customized solutions
The Anybody technology helps you rapidly and cost efficiently improve the ergonomics of your workplace environments. You benefit from objective, case-specific, data backed solutions that boost productivity and mitigate many short- and long-term health risks to your employees.

Contact information

Niels Jernes Vej 10
9220 Aalborg Øst

P: +45 9635 4286
E: info@anybodytech.com

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