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Aeroras Consulting


AERORAS Consulting is an independent consultancy that helps customers develop, build and sustain profitable life-cycle commitments in the aviation, aerospace and defense markets. With perspectives on the entire value-chain, AERORAS Consulting focuses on enabling sustainable growth and success for its clients through initial and continued airworthiness, and aftermarket solutions.

Whether developing and executing new training concepts for maximizing design efficiency for initial airworthiness in software development, analyzing impact of regulatory changes, or providing temporary resources to your development project, AERORAS Consulting has a dedicated platform to enable your achievements. AERORAS Consulting provides direct and tangible value to your organization.

Combining strengths in technological knowledge, business and organizational development and leadership, AERORAS Consulting takes a holistic view on organizational capability and safeguards the sustained and future profitability of your organization and market position.

AERORAS Consulting is owned and run by Rasmus Bruun Pedersen (BSc/eMBA, Lean/ILM certified). Rasmus has more than 20 years of aviation/aerospace industry experience, ranging from large jet and arctic helicopter operations, and everything in between. At the core is airworthiness, organizational development, asset management, design, maintenance and training operations, service operations, strategic analysis and requirements management.

Rasmus has worked with organizations such as SAS, AirGreenland, Lufthansa, TEAM, Thales, EASA, TBST, AeroSprite, Royal Danish Air Force, Royal Norwegian Air Force, Scandinavian Avionics, AeroTeam, ZfR, Beep Analytics, SATAIR, ADSE, Omnipless, Thrane & Thrane A/S, L3, eWINGZ, Sikorsky, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Embraer, Dassault, Bombardier and Boeing.


Contact Information

Rosenvangsvej 55
DK - 2670 Greve

Contact: Managing Director
Rasmus Bruun Pedersen

M: +45 2927 3744
Email: rbp@aeroras.com

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