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Danish Defence

The Danish Armed Forces 
Denmark has a long lasting political tradition regarding its defence policy. The policy is established through defence agreements between the political parties constituting the vast majority of the Danish Parliament.

The organization of Danish Defence has undergone major restructuring. The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, DALO, (Forsvarets Materiel- og Indkøbsstyrelse, FMI) was established per 1st January 2006.

During 2006 a transition took place merging the Naval Materiel Command Denmark, the Danish Army Materiel Command and the Air Materiel Command of the Royal Danish Air Force into DALO. The transition was completed by 1st January 2007. DALO will continue to publish the Danish Defence Procurement Bulletin in electronic form. As a part of an amendment to the defense agreement FMI became a part of Ministry of Defence by 2014. 

The FAD is a permanent representative in various Committees and Working Groups with the Danish Armed Forces and maintains a continuous dialogue concerning national as well as international matters related to defence and defence industry cooperation.

DALO Industry Helpdesk

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