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FAD's Mission & Vision

FAD - the voice of Danish Defence and Aerospace Industry    

The Mission of FAD:

To safeguard the general and specific interests of Danish defence and aerospace companies,

To secure for them optimal conditions in selling to the Danish Armed Forces, to NATO and to the international defence and aerospace community,

To act as the point of contact for all foreign defence equipment suppliers who seek to do business with Danish defence and aerospace companies,

To assist foreign defence equipment suppliers in fulfilling their Industrial Cooperation Contracts, ICC.

The Vision of FAD:

That Danish defence equipment procurements lead to qualified contracts to Danish defence and aerospace industry

Maintaining and strengthening a competent and competitive Danish defence technology and industrial base to the benefit of the Danish Armed Forces and to the industry,

An opening of the defence equipment market with reciprocity of market access within the NATO-nations,

Danish defence and aerospace industry remains a viable source in the future international defence industry cooperation.  

FAD Mission & Vision


FAD Part of Confederation of Danish Industry 1787 Copenhagen Denmark Tel: +45 3377 3066 E-mail: faddi.dk