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News & Press

News and press releases from the Danish defence, security and aerospace industry.

3/19/2019 News & Press

Danish space company increases turnover by 46 per cent 

Danish Aerospace Company, headquartered in Odense, has performed very well in 2018, according to the company's recently published annual report

3/14/2019 News & Press

Welcome to member number 100 

FAD welcomes Aircontact Group Denmark

2/19/2019 News & Press

Avionics Test Center Denmark becomes a part of the F-35 global support network 

Joint Program Office has announced that the Danish consortium will be responsible for the maintenance of 16 avionics components on the F-35

2/18/2019 News & Press

Welcome to Combitech 

FAD welcomes Combitech as new member

2/8/2019 News & Press

Welcome to UAS Denmark 

FAD welcomes UAS Denmark as new member

2/7/2019 News & Press

Millpart is putting Skjern on the aerospace map 

Denmark’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic manifolds is entering the world’s biggest and fastest-growing industry

2/4/2019 News & Press

Welcome to Military Work 

FAD welcomes Military Work as new member

1/29/2019 News & Press

IFAD delivers F-16 Simulator training capacity 

Fighter Wing Skrydstrup took delivery of a newly developed combined F-16 simulator and JTAC training capacity

1/29/2019 News & Press

Welcome to AnyBody Technology 

FAD welcomes AnyBody Technology as new member

1/24/2019 News & Press

Drones carrying blood samples 

Could save health service 200 million DKK a year

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