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Weibel Scientific wins contract in the US

The contract for three radars worth triple-digit millions in Danish Kroner is historic for the Danish developer and producer of radars
The Danish producer of radars Weibel Scientific has won its biggest contract yet from the US Army in cooperation with the US company Lockheed Martin. The order, to be delivered in March 2019, is for three Multi-Frequency Tracking Radars and was signed today at a ceremony at the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization.

VP, LMCO Jonathan Hoyle (left) and CEO, Weibel Peder Pedersen at the signing ceremony. Photo: Weibel

As the world’s largest defense manufacturer, Lockheed Martin is the main supplier of the contract and will secure cyber certification. With Weibel as its subcontractor, the two companies will deliver radars that have been developed and produced in Allerød, Denmark, to the US Army.

With the order, Weibel Scientific, the world’s leading producer of Doppler radars, steps into the absolut world elite within the defense industry: 

 ”In addition to many years of work to access the US market, the order is a direct consequence of the Danish politicians’ superb efforts in connection with the F-35 decision. The contract consolidates Weibel’s and Denmark’s position as an important partner for the US Department of Defense, and we could not imagine a stronger partner than Lockheed Martin,” says Peder R. Pedersen, CEO, Weibel Scientific. 

With the order, Weibel gains an even better foothold in the US market of weapon testing and qualification systems, and Weibel’s CEO, Peder R. Pedersen, expects to sell 10-20 more radars in the next 3-5 years. 

Since Weibel Scientific has insourced all development and production to Allerød, the order will create new jobs in Denmark.

About the contract: 

  • Three MFTR-2100 tracking radars of an amount in the triple-digit million Danish Kroner range to be delivered in March 2019. 
  • Weibel is the subcontractor to Lockheed Martin, where Weibel develops and produces the radars. 
  • Lockheed Martin is the project manager and responsible for cyber certification. 
  • The US Army will use the radars for weapons testing and qualification, including drones. 

For more information, please contact
Peder R. Pedersen
Weibel Scientific
Tel.: +45 40 15 85 11
E-mail: prp@weibel.dk 

John Neilson
Head of Communications – Europa, Israel og Indien
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Tel.: +44 (0) 207 979 8075
E-mail: john.neilson@lmco.com

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