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Terma and Scandinavian Avionics team up

With the F-35 fighter aircraft being introduced in Europe these years, there is a growing need for establishing European regional maintenance capabilities

Terma has substantial expertise and experience in developing, designing, and manufacturing electronic components and software to industries and customers within the international defense market. Also, Terma is strongly involved in the design and manufacturing of advanced composite structures and electronic components for F-35 primes.

Scandinavian Avionics has a substantial expertise and experience within the areas of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of avionics components for both civil and military aircraft and helicopters within the international aviation market, including NATO organizations.

“In order to provide best value to the F-35 Program, Terma and Scandinavian Avionics decided to team up to form Avionics Test Center Denmark. We both aim to enhance and grow our MRO capabilities towards the F-35 Program with specific focus on the test and repair of F-35 avionics”, explains Jens Maaløe, President & CEO, Terma.

“We also intend to utilize our capabilities on other MRO possibilities such as the EH-101 helicopter, UH-60R Seahawk and C-130. Further we agree to explore, identify, and discuss specific areas of mutual interest, projects, and collaborative efforts, which serve our joint business and strategic interests”, said Michael Truelsen, CEO, Scandinavian Avionics. 

In practice, Terma and Scandinavian Avionics will:

  • Jointly, as one team, provide a proposal on support of F-35 avionics toward the F-35 Program Office
  • Seek mutual MRO possibilities on the EH-101 helicopter, UH-60R Seahawk, and C-130
  • Jointly invest in depot stand-up capability and seek possibilities to establish the facility in close cooperation with DK MOD.

Media contact:
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Kasper Rasmussen
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