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PlastPack Defence welcomes retired Brigadier General Peter Kølby Pedersen

For PlastPack, knowledge and experience within ammunition handling, storage, replenishment and most importantly the total cost of ownership, is to be found in Peter

PlastPack Defence welcomed Peter Kølby Pedersen in to the global business development team August 1st 2018. PK will be responsible for the global strategic business development, focused on bringing a better understanding of total cost of ownership of ammunition, in to the awareness of military logistic organizations thought-out the world.

To this date, internal logistics has focused on the ammunition it-self, and not what surrounds it. PlastPack aims at changing that and create a clearer picture of internal logistics cost.

“I am pleased to join PlastPack on their mission of “upgrading” the aging ammunition supply chain I have personally experienced. The simple fact of the matter is – it’s a good idea, it saves money and there really is no argument not to. For me, there is no more satisfying tactical or strategic unique selling point than the ones PlastPack offers”, says Peter Kølby Pedersen

"The addition of Peter, to our global business development team, will add a significant strategic resource to PlastPack. The project which is currently being handled, with NAMMO, Rheinmetall, GD and others, will receive a boost in the project composition of the military application side of it. All in all, we are extremely pleased with the hire, and look forward to the industry welcoming Peter also.", says CEO Jan Bendix Engmann.

Learn more about Peter here: www.ppddk.dk

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CEO and owner Jan Bendix Engmann
Telephone: +45 55 37 27 62
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