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Opening ASIA to SME’s in Denmark

Southeast Asia contains the majority of the fastest growing economies according to the world economic forum1. It’s Defence budgets are on the rise due to increasing tension in the region and the growing commitment to the global fight against terrorism

Therefore, CAPITAL E&I (CEI) decided to create a posting for their CEO, Jannik Hjulgaard in Indonesia for the next couple of years, in order to further grow and expand the presence and network in Asia-Pacific.

The continued success for the last 2 years, taking products to market for Danish SME’s, has meant a lot of time spent on airplanes, which is now, spent with the customer.

“Over the last two years, our business model has gotten a lot of interest. SME’s in Denmark, looking for growth in Asia, may not have the resources or know-how to penetrate these markets. We can facilitate that much better now. By supporting several companies, we utilize the synergy of the expanding network, increasing the ROI, by decreasing the cost of travel and splitting the cost between companies where we can. However, most importantly, we reduce the learning curve which often takes years and reduce it to a few sessions with our Danish customer. In short, we are operational and targeting your customers much quicker”. Says Jannik Hjulgaard, CEO of CAPITAL E&I.

The office is located near Denpasar, Bali due to the central location for the entire ASIA-Pacific, with excellent travel connections throughout the region.


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