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Members meeting and general assembly

Terma hosted the general assembly at their headquarters in Lystrup.

On april 19. FAD held its yearly general assembly at Terma in Lystrup. Before the general assembly, members of FAD were invited to a members meeting concerning the Danish war munitions legislation.

Casper Skibdal Vistrup and Shari Boateng from the Ministry of Justice presented present legislation and took questions from the members of FAD. The defence industry is in general heavily regulated and FAD has its own page concerning the Danish rules and regulations with more information. Horten also provides two of hours free consultancy regarding the rules and regulation in the defence industry for all members of FAD. Click here for more information.   

Susanne Andersen from Danish Industries conducted the general assembly, with great participation from the companies present. Five people from the board were reelected without vote taking. See the present members of FAD’s board here.



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