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IFAD TS releases a comprehensive Instructor, FDC and CGF solution

IFAD is proud to announce the release of F-INSTR for sale and use by our customers

F-INSTR is a deployable, effective, flexible and affordable solution that offers functionality for the creation, execution and control of comprehensive mission-critical scenarios.

F-INSTR is designed to support training of JTACs and Forward Observers in Close Air Support procedures (TTPs), Artillery Observers (AO) in Call for Fire procedures, and Pilots in Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground scenarios. F-INSTR is a very flexible instructor station that offers a multitude of built-in functionalities.

The solution has a very intuitive, easy-to-use user interface. Creation of scenarios is done in a very efficient time saving manner. F-INSTR components include JTAC, FO and Pilot instructor station  Artillery Fire Direction Centre (FDC) CGF  Recording & Playback for AAR The Pilot Instructor component controls scenarios for F-16 simulators. It offers LINK-16 capability, functionality for weapon load-outs, and it integrates with Air Control units.

Likewise, the JTAC/FO/AO Instructor component controls CAS and Call for Fire scenarios. The FDC offers a very comprehensive functionality for delivering indirect fire based on Fire Missions from AOs. The CGF creates and controls entities (air, land, and sea), and provides functionality for defining their behaviour, routes and plans.

Through standard protocols such as DIS and HLA, F-INSTR works with a number of other systems, incl. F-16 DART, IFACTS, JCATS, Steel-Beast, VR-Forces etc. F-INSTR operates on standard PCs with Windows.

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