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GomSpace's Fourth Mission have been Sucessfully Launched

Today, February 2 2018, the GOMX-4 satellites were successfully launched from JSLC with a LM-2D launch vehicle. The in-orbit demonstration planned for this mission shall pioneer the advanced uses of nanosatellites.

After the success of GOMX-3, GomSpace has developed the next generation of nanosatellite platforms. The demonstration mission for these innovative advanced nanosatellites is called GOMX-4.

The mission includes two 6U satellites the GOMX-4A mission involves north area monitoring and the GOMX-4B mission is for innovative payload demonstrations.  The nanosatellite demonstration mission consists of two Nanosatellites (GOMX-4A and GOMX-4B), each carrying several payloads for demonstration purpose.


The two satellites are based on the Gomspace 6U nanosatellite platform.  Both satellites carry an S-band Inter-Satellite Link (ISL) System and a High-Speed Link (HSL) System based on the Gomspace SDR platform.

One of the main goals of the GOMX-4 mission is to demonstrate the feasibility of the ISL and characterize the performance at different separation distances.

During the ISL in-orbit demonstration, the link performance monitors applying various data rates conditions and distances up to 4,500km. Additionally, different software updates shall be also tested to optimize the link for future applications in nanosatellite constellations and formation flying.

Even with different payloads and mission goals, the two satellites will work together using an Inter-Satellite Link to optimize their capabilities to share data and to transmit it to ground. The life expectancy of the GOMX-4 nanosatellites is 3-5 years and they will be fully operated by GomSpace during that period.

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