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GomSpace enters into procurement contract with UnseenLabs

GomSpace selected by UnseenLabs for the turn-key delivery of a disruptive spectrum monitoring system based on nanosatellites

GomSpace ApS has been selected by and has entered into a procurement contract with UnseenLabs SAS to develop and deliver a system based on nanosatellites to provide disruptive spectrum monitoring services from space.

GomSpace will deliver the system to UnseenLabs into orbit as a turn-key solution with the launch date expected to happen in second half 2018. The system will operate innovative payloads developed by UnseenLabs, including unique hardware and software.

This is the first step towards a future constellation using advanced spectrum monitoring dedicated to a disruptive maritime surveillance service.

“GomSpace is extremely excited to be part of this very unique project from UnseenLabs. With this project, we believe that UnseenLabs seconded by GomSpace will provide a disruptive capacity to the detection segment in the professional low-earth orbit satellite business,” says Niels Buus, CEO of GomSpace.


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