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Herkules formationsflyvning - Flyvevåbnets Fototjeneste Nord
M113 i Irak


Members of DI will have the opportunity to meet companies from Dubai at Industriens Hus.


DI Digital hosts cybercrime conference at Industriens Hus.


FAD Space meeting about participation in EUMETSAT.


Debate meeting on the inolvement of Danish defence industry in the coming defence agreement.


Paris International Airshow. More information will follow.


12/20/2016 News & Press

FAD welcomes the new member Modul-System A/S 

The manufacturer of modular racking solutions has joined FAD


12/19/2016 News & Press

Review of industrial cooperation 

The ministry of business has published its yearly review of industrial cooperation for 2015


12/15/2016 News & Press

Well-attended seminar on modern technologies 

Today, December 15, The Polish Embassy and FAD co-hosted a seminar on modern technologies in state security


12/13/2016 News & Press

Falck Schmidt creates platform for ESA satelite mission to the Sun 

One of the components for the ESA mission Solar Orbiter, is produced at Falck Schmidt Defence Systems and Falck Schmidt Advanced Composite Engineering. See the video in the article.


10/18/2016 News & Press

Sentio Simulations Aps 


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